Teachers About the School Programs

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Immanuel Gawler for the wonderful presentation you just gave to our families. I was lucky enough to be watching as a staff member but also a mum. I am sure that all the families who attended had some fantastic and open conversations with their children and as you mentioned, created an important avenue for this open communication to continue. Having the presentation online was very convenient and allowed for the comfort of your own home – especially as night times can be busy. Again, thank you kindly and we look forward to next year.
Coordinator of Wellbeing | Immanuel Gawler Lutheran School
The Amazing Me sex education program has been delivered successfully at John Colet by Rowena for over 10 years. The presentations are conducted in a very child friendly, engaging, and respectful way so that children and parents are able to feel comfortable and can participate in open discussion with each other. Parents often contact the school afterwards to express their gratitude and to commend the program.
Diane Renshaw
Deputy Head | School John Colet School Belrose
Amazing Me has been presented at our school for many years now and the reason we keep asking Rowena to come back is because without fail our parents, students and staff, have not only found her very engaging and informative but Rowena easily disarms any awkwardness or apprehension that might exist.
Susan Murray
Exec PA / Pastoral Care
Amazing Me has been coming to our school for one year now and we have loved having them visit us! What we valued in Stage 3 and our parent evening sessions was Rowena’s exceptional knowledge and age-appropriate programs, where the students had the opportunity to really connect with her and the content in a relatable and informative manner. I love that they include the curriculum outcomes while allowing the students to ask questions and feel comfortable doing so. We can't wait to have Rowena back again!
Classroom Teacher
Year 6 Primary School
Rowena came to our College for the first time this year to present to our community and students on reproduction and puberty. Her enthusiasm, honesty and warmth made these tricky and sometimes awkward topics so much more approachable. Parents in attendance were grateful and highly complimentary.
Stuart Pearson
Head of Senior Primary | Toongabbie Christian College
When we had Amazing Me at Orange Anglican Grammar School, there was a buzz from parents and students alike! Rowena's warmth, humour and honesty around a topic that can be awkward for some put everyone at ease and enabled important learning and conversation to happen. The feedback we had from both our parent and student bodies were so positive we're looking forward to having her back again and again in future years!
Kate Bracks
Head of Well Being | Orange Anglican Grammar School
As ever, you covered the topic so honestly, carefully and positively. Everyone had a laugh and was put at their ease to consider the important information around puberty and reproduction. We have subsequently had a number of parents specifically thank us for the evening and I wanted to pass that on to you.
Mrs Kate Wheatley
Deputy Head | Junior School
“I listened to Rowena present to my students at Loreto Normanhurst, where I am a Stage 3 classroom teacher. I loved her honest and direct approach to topics covered and I feel certain that all students who participated walked away with a more thorough understanding of their bodies and how they change and develop and a greater appreciation for their unique self”.
Sophie Scroope
Stage 3 Teacher | Loreto Normanhurst
Rowena from ‘Amazing Me' spoke to only our parents and challenged us about talking with our kids about sexual health topics like pornography, consent, body safety and sex. What I loved was her open, honest yet sensitive and direct approach.
Natalie Wise
Well Being Co-ordinator | Castle Cove Public School
I have worked with Rowena from ‘Amazing Me’ at two different schools now. She has run different programs including topics like cyber safety, positive periods and evening programs for both the parents and children. Rowena has a unique ability to engage with her audience and has a very positive outlook. Parents, teachers and children all learnt something new and were empowered to have more positive conversations within their families in the context of their family’s beliefs and values.
Cheryl Gurney
Deputy Principal | Ryde East Public School
Rowena from 'Amazing Me' came to our school for the first time to work with our parents and students in both the evening and day programs. We were very impressed with how Rowena delivered the information to our students in an age-appropriate way. Our children walked away from the experience with a detailed understanding of how their bodies work and develop but importantly with the message that we are all unique and have value.
Stevie Levenston
Head of Academic Care, ELC to Year 6 | Masada College
We love having Amazing Me at our school. It is educational, engaging and age appropriate. What I like most about Amazing Me is that Rowena presents the content to our staff, students and parents in a professional and informative manner.
Madeleine Smith
Head of Curriculum | Hunter Valley
Rowena visited our Middle School and ran a parent only program, a parent and child program and an in-school student only program. We received incredibly positive comments from the students, staff and parents. What I found most helpful was Rowena’s way of communicating the content to both students and parents and the matter-of-fact way that Rowena described the world in which we live and what we can naturally expect from kids and their development.
Glen Urane
Head | Middle School St Philips Port Stephens
I am writing to say a huge thank you for delivering your incredible program to our students! The feedback from girls and their parents has been incredibly positive. Some of the girls said to me that you really helped to open the discussion with their parents, thank you.
Miss Cath Evans
Dean | Academic Care Meriden School
Rowena ran many workshops at our school including one today that was all about ‘Positive Periods’. As a year 4 teacher I loved that she was fun and empowering. Over 100 of our students attended and the buzz, questions and positivity could be felt in the lessons.
Miss P
Year 4 Teacher | Coogee Public School
Rowena came to our school to run a Consent program for our staff. She talked about what consent was and how to practically create a culture of consent within the context of our staff and also in the classroom. I was challenged to think more broadly about the concept of consent and how to teach this growing awareness to our younger students, equipping them with an understanding of respect through the language I use and my interactions with others. We are very much looking forward to having Rowena return to conduct a parent and teacher session!
Bethany Francis
Year 3 Advisor | Pacific Hills Christian School
Rowena ran 2 lessons via zoom about bodies, consent, sex and puberty.
The students were engaged and thought Rowena was great! I loved the positive, empowering message of the sessions.
Joanne Allan
Year 6 teacher | Australian Christian College
Rowena ran her program at Holy Family Catholic Primary school in Lindfield. She was funny, and direct. I really liked her positive energy and how she engages with the children. She helps to empower children to be positive about their bodies and helps them feel safe and confident to talk openly with their parents about their bodies and other personal development topics. An enriching program. Thank you Rowena.
Jane Solomon
P&F Secretary | Holy Family, Lindfield
Rowena has been coming to RJAS for a number of years running various programs. This week in school and via zoom, we ran her parenting program ‘How to talk with your child about tough topics?’
This was a fabulous practical talk full of great examples and conversation starters for parents on those tricky topics. Rowena encouraged parents to get conversations going early and continue them right through to teenage-hood and beyond! The resources offered were also really helpful. I can’t recommend this session highly enough.
Mrs Karen Shannon-Duhigg
Head of Primary | Richard Johnson Anglican School
Rowena Thomas visited our school for two “in-school” sessions with the program “Amazing Me”. The presentation was age-appropriate and Rowena was extremely knowledgeable. She presented the content in a non-confronting manner. The way she was answering the questions of the students, was profound.
Klaus Pfannenmüller
German International School
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and knowledge that empowers us to resource our kids to be safe and celebrate who they are. Fun, informative, thorough, and delivered with passion, grace and wisdom.
We had Amazing Me tonight on zoom and we had a large number of families attend the evening which was very exciting. It was wonderful that Rowena was still able to provide such an informative night even though we are in lockdown. One of the best parts of the evening was watching our parents and their children interacting and sharing after Rowena engaged them in conversation or provided a family talking prompt. I liked that the emphasis was on parent and child communicating in the comfort of the child’s home, Rowena was more than happy to allow families the privacy of turning their zoom video off and just listen to the content. Thank you Rowena for being so amazingly flexible and continuing to deliver your incredible program digitally.
The Amazing Me program is fantastic. Rowena delivered important content to our students in a very professional and approachable manner. Her sense of humour and ability to connect with an audience of both students and their parents, made for an informative, well-paced session. Rowena was also able to easily adapt from in-person to online delivery, which was great.
Teacher Stage 3
Maroubra Bay Public School
Rowena from 'Amazing Me' has been visiting Paddington P.S. for a number of years. The 'Amazing Me' program is highly professional and meets the learning needs of all students. Rowena is highly qualified, experienced and engages students at their level with great enthusiasm. No question is goes unanswered and the curious minds of students are met with warmth, honesty and most importantly, accuracy.
Jono Cusack
Assistant Principal | Paddington Public School
"Wonderful for our school community to hear from Rowena once again. Was disappointed initially that we couldn't have her face-to-face in South Australia due to COVID, but the Zoom presentation was great! We actually had a higher number of families attending than when we offered it face to face. It allowed families to hear this important information in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. The presentation was in true Rowena style, bright, bubbly and engaging. Such an uplifting message of positive self-image and acknowledgement that we are all unique and amazing."
Thanks Rowena!
Renae McDonald
Acting Deputy Principal | Learning Innovation Leader-Redeemer Lutheran School Adelaide
"We have had Amazing Me evening and day programs at St Lukes for our Year 5 and 6 students. We have had Amazing Me evening and day programs at St Lukes for our Year 5 and 6 students. This term everything was on zoom because of Covid. The Amazing Me programs were informative and educational, and transferred well into this digital delivery. Rowena was her usually happy and engaging self and our whole community loved it. Thank you Rowena."
Peter Scott
Head of Junior School | St Luke’s Grammar School, Bayview Campus
"St Andrew’s Cathedral School have for the last decade had Amazing Me present their Sex Education talks on site at the School Every year we have been in awe as Rowena has adapted to change, even more so in the current Co-Vid climate we have all been forced to adapt to and live with.
Rowena has not hesitated to accommodate the need for change and over the past two years, she has run Amazing Me via zoom None of the material or delivery has been compromised, in fact the families have loved it! Equally as many families have signed up each year as they would if the presentation was “live” at the school. As stated earlier, Rowena has been working with us for over 10 years and we love her natural, open and accurate way that she delivers the programs. That’s why we continue to book her each year and will do so, whether presented via zoom or live."
Debbie​ Banks
PA to Deputy Head of School (Primary) Director of Primary Education and Head of Junior School | SACS
"Newcastle Grammar ran day and evening programs for our 132 students via zoom. What I liked about Amazing Me was that the children and their parents asked lots of questions. Rowena was interesting, fun and educational. Zoom is the way forward. I think if anything, zoom would make it less awkward and more comfortable from home."
Clare Fogo
Stage 3 Co-ordinator | Newcastle Grammar
"Amazing me has been supporting our community with presentations for well over 10 years now and continues to get better each and every time. Be it face to face, or even online via Zoom, I continue to be impressed with the offering of Amazing Me.
Despite the sometimes embarrassing nature of the conversation, our families leave feeling empowered and safe to discuss, question and laugh, having safely gained appropriate education in this vital area.
I commend Rowena and Amazing me for your consideration. "
Brendan Gorman
Headmaster | St Peter's Anglican Grammar
"At Trinity the parents and staff love working with Rowena. The boys have their own lessons but she also runs 2 evening programs with the parents and children from Year 3, Body Safety and Year 5, Puberty and Reproduction.
I would highly would recommend Amazing Me via Zoom."
Richard Lever
Deputy Head of the Preparatory School
"This year Amazing Me was still amazing even though we ran our day lessons via zoom. Rowena’s energy, knowledge and relatability is a must have at any school and is just as fantastic via zoom."
Charlotte Dooley
Teacher of Junior School J6 Class| Pittwater House
"At Maroubra Junction we did not want the children to miss out this year just because of Covid so we decided to have Amazing Me via zoom. Even though it could have been awkward, Rowena’s friendly natural and open manner made it just as amazing."
Cassie Morrissey
Stage 3 Assistant Principal | Maroubra Junction Public School
"I Love how Rowena has developed this since my kids were little. Not only has she covered puberty and babies but also child protection and consent. I just wish that every single child in Stage 2 and 3 had come to this. Some much of our PDH syllabus is covered in this one session."
Teacher at St Philips Gosford
"We had Rowena from Amazing Me talking about Consent with our Year 9 and 10 girls at PLC Sydney. She talked all about what consent is and answered questions. We then broke up into discussion groups and talked about scenarios and practical strategies. What I liked about her interactive talk was that it was built around our students' questions, helping them understand the very important issue of consent in an age-appropriate yet honest way."
Mrs Maria Halkidis
Head of Positive Student Care and Engagement
"I was a part of your presentation last night over zoom for St Andrews, where I am a Stage 3 PDHPE teacher. Thank you so much it was a brilliant presentation."
St Andrews Cathedral School
"I watched the first session and thought you were spot on. You were just as fabulous online."
Felicity Segal
Deputy Head Student Life Moriah College
"We had 'Amazing Me' at The Scots College in Brighton. Rowena ran an evening program for students and their parents, and also a day session with our students. Both sessions were amazing. As an educator what I liked about 'Amazing Me' was that it was based on the curriculum outcomes. As a year 6 teacher what I liked was how relaxed Rowena was with my boys. She dealt with each topic, question and query with tact, care and genuine interest. The boys loved how easy she was to talk to and how she tried to make embarrassing situations funny. The diagrams she used were child friendly and explained topics clearly. The parents loved how warm and engaging Rowena was. She spoke with care and understanding of both the boy’s position and of the topics. Rowena definitely created an ongoing opportunity for parents to start and continue conversations with their children. Every parent left feeling empowered to open further conversations with their boys."'
Cecily Butler
Teacher Scots Brighton
"I highly recommend the ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs. Rowena facilitates two programs at Trinity Grammar School. One for Year 3 about Child Protection issues and another for our Year 5 students about bodies, reproduction, and puberty."
Richard Lever
Deputy Master of Trinity Grammar School Preparatory School
"It is always a pleasure to have Rowena come and present sex education programs at our school. She quickly puts parents and children at ease with her friendly and vibrant nature. Rowena empowers children to ask questions and equips parents by providing a safe and inclusive environment to discuss personal development and sexual reproduction. Her engaging and age appropriate presentation is thorough and we love that she goes that extra mile to educate from a perspective that supports the ethos of our College."
Martin Telfer
Deputy Principal of St Philips Christian CollegeCessnock
"The ‘Amazing Me’ program was run in our school this year with much success. Rowena facilitated a 3 session Year 6 program that empowered and educated our students around their bodies, puberty, relationships, reproduction and wise decisions. She was informative and fun, yet sensitive and inclusive; taking the time to get to know the students. I highly recommend ‘Amazing Me’."
Ashley Bennet
Lakes Grammar – Year 6 Teacher
"We have been running the ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs in our school for years (both the day and evening programs) and they are an asset to our school. The teachers, parents, and students are educated and empowered each year around the topics of bodies, body safety, puberty, relationships, and sex. Rowena is a phenomenal presenter and I highly recommend her."
Joseph Bruscino
Assistant Principal, Boronia Park Public School
"There are very few occasions when I receive so many thanks and so much appreciation for organising a school event. Both our student and parents were full of praise for your 'Amazing Me' presentation, communication skills, and the clear and respectful way you discussed the issues of personal development, sex education, growth and change."
Peter Slattery
Director of the Macdonald College Junior School
"Rowena’s ‘Amazing Me’ talks are engaging and entertaining. Her flexible, warm and funny approach leaves both parents and children feeling confident, normal, empowered and prepared. They open the door for conversations between parents and children and are a strong addition to any School’s Sex Ed program."
Lisa Tohver
Teacher at Rozelle Public School
"Our girls at Ravenswood came with mixed feelings to the 'Amazing Me' night. They walked away feeling content and excited about the future, knowing that they are unique and special. Thank you for creating a conversation that will definitely be talked about in our school and girls’ homes for a long time."
Tom Pyle
PDHPE Department at Ravenswood School for Girls
"I highly recommend the 'Amazing Me' presentation and program. Rowena Thomas is a superb presenter who facilitates an engaging and appropriately sensitive approach to what can be a difficult subject for some. Parents, boys and staff were quickly put at ease and their feedback indicates they were most appreciative of the manner in which the content was presented."
John Crerar
Head of Scots College Junior School
"With so many sources of information and mis-information available to young people, it is essential that our children learn about their bodies, babies and puberty in a context where discussion with a trusted adult is encouraged and nurtured. A feature of ‘Amazing Me’ sessions is that Rowena presents accurate information in an enjoyable manner that establishes a basis for comfortable dialogue and ongoing family discussion in the weeks and years ahead. Our students and parents have been overwhelmingly positive about ‘Amazing Me’. Parents are grateful that Rowena “breaks’ the ice” for conversation in sensitive areas, and they often look forward to sessions with Rowena in future years with their younger children."
Mark Dunn
Principal of Trinity Summer Hill
"Teaching children about sex education in a truthful way in our world today is essential for their future. Rowena does just that, as well as empowering the children to be themselves and talk to their parents in our ever-changing society.”
Randwick Doug Thomas
Principal of Claremont College
"As a faith-based school, this is an area requiring sensitivity and careful communication. There was nothing but praise for 'Amazing Me' from all in attendance."
Steven Dodd
Principal of Berowra Christian School
"The evenings that we have hosted have grown in popularity due to Rowena’s wonderful communication skills and her high levels of professionalism."
Tania Thompson
Counsellor counsellor at St Lukes Dee Why
"I am a Year 4 English teacher at the German School. This is the stage that the German curriculum introduces the topics of puberty, reproduction, and what constitutes a healthy relationship. Rowena is a master storyteller and has crafted an engaging and informative program that is presented in a fun and relaxed manner. The demeanour of the students quickly turned from embarrassment to one of fascinated curiosity. It was the perfect age for my students to learn and it was great to see them feel completely comfortable to share and ask genuine questions. Rowena answered all of their inquiries in an open, natural, and relatable way. The whole day was an excellent experience for all involved including not only the students but all of the teachers. Thank you, Rowena!"
Michelle Woo
Year 4 teacher German School
"We had ‘Amazing Me’ at Holy Family Primary School. As a Catholic School Rowena was sensitive to the ethos of our school while being informative and fun. I liked the fact that she was able to cover the curriculum yet deliver a presentation which was engaging and educational no matter how much or how little the students knew. I highly recommend 'Amazing Me' in Catholic Schools."
Clarice Hayak
Year 5 Teacher Holy Family Primary School Menai
"We have been using Rowena's 'Amazing Me’ programme at our school for a number of years. She is, by far, the best in this area of expertise, for primary-aged students. Rowena understands how students learn and makes them feel extremely comfortable with the content explored. She communicates with the students in a language they understand and really approaches the students at their level. My students have very much enjoyed their lessons with Rowena and I would most definitely recommend her services to all schools."
Belinda Candelori
Year 5 Teacher Oxley College
"We book Rowena annually to cover mandatory PDH curriculum and teach our Year 6 students about their amazing bodies. Due to COVID-19, Rowena graciously agreed to hold the incursion via Zoom. It was an amazing success with both students and parents engaged throughout the session. Parents also commented afterward about the conversations that continued at home after the Zoom meeting ended."
Mrs Taryna Wawn
Primary Coordinator-Mamre Anglican College
"'Amazing Me' came to our school and ran day and evening sessions that focused on bodies, sex, and puberty. As a year 5 teacher, what I liked was how Rowena loved answering any questions in an age-appropriate way. I like how she was very open to any question being asked and even though the student had just met Rowena, they were comfortable in asking her any question. The 'Amazing Me' program is very informative and starts 'that' conversation between kids and their parents. I look forward to future information sessions with Rowena."
School Teacher
"Rowena was a wonderful presenter. She was fun and exciting. The students found her content engaging and all questions were answered professionally and at a level, the students could understand. I would highly recommend her program 'Amazing Me'."
Year 6 Teacher Turramurra Public School

Students About the School Programs

"My mum and dad made me go to 'Amazing Me'. I felt embarrassed and even though I’m still nervous talking about this stuff, I learnt a lot about my body. I also didn’t know that I was an IVF baby and now I do."
"I didn’t want to go. It was so weird. I did learn stuff though and it was much better on zoom because I muted everything."
"It was good to learn about pornography because I did not know what it was and now I know what to do when I see it and that it’s not good for me."
"I thought that it would be much more awkward."
"It was fun and I think that I won’t forget the information."
"It was much better that I thought it would be. We had fun."
"I really didn’t want to go. I was nervous, but I’m really happy I did because I learned a lot and I am not nervous anymore. I feel good and it’s going to be ok."
"Even though parts of ‘Amazing Me’ lessons at our school were gross I learnt a lot.”
"After having ‘Amazing Me’ I am now not as nervous as I know that puberty is normal and I feel much more prepared."
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Parents About the School Programs

Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of your online seminars with my child. I was a bit apprehensive at first because as a "two-dad" family (aka rainbow family), I was bracing myself for a very heteronormative presentation. My daughter and I were so pleased to hear you refer to diverse families, including ones that have two dads and have used surrogacy, like ours. - Parent
"Thank you so much for the parent talk last night, it was so informative, some stats were shocking in a way that really gave me the confidence to start chatting to my kids in an age-appropriate way. Plus, the timing couldn't have been more perfect...my Year 3 daughter has recently (just last week!) started asking questions out of the blue and I didn't put a wall up but I also didn't know what to say at the time. I feel more prepared now. Thanks again!" Parent - Claremont College
"I really enjoyed the Amazing Me session and felt Rowena was just brilliant at presenting this topic. I actually think all parents should be watching it and my hope is that those that didn't attend on the night, will watch the replay. I really applaud NBCS for taking these initiatives. I think it's awesome to be so progressive and want to work with families so we are all on the same page." Rose - Parent
My son is in Yr 6 at Aloys’ and we were in Tuesday’s session with you. It was just exceptional, Rowena and talking to the parents at sport yesterday the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for helping parents to start the conversations between parents and their children and for making it all very normal. - Parent
"Lovely to see you last night Rowena. Thanks for your dedication to the upcoming generations, and your passion to help equip adults/parents/teachers to best prepare and care for our little ones as they discover their bodies and navigate this tricky world. There are many things to be mindful of and you addressed that so well last night… privacy, consent, internet… all of it.
And most of all, you make it FUN. You teach in a way that makes kids feel positive about their bodies and that’s everything. Thank you, we are grateful to partner with you in this important role!"
Renee - Parent
"As a parent growing up in a culturally conservative family, I knew that talking with my child was important but I still felt apprehensive. I would like to thank you because you have helped me and my wife to know what to say."
"I just wanted to say a big thanks for your talk tonight. I thought it was fabulous. I wish I’d had that opportunity when I was heading into puberty! I love how fact-packed and normal you made it for everyone. Just awesome! Thank you." - Parent Neutral Bay Public
"I wanted to tell you that you're gorgeous!! You radiate compassion and happiness, and made me smile! The way you presented the material was super, it was a bloody good presentation." - Parent Hills Grammar Queensland
"I just wanted to say a very grateful thank you for your Zoom presentation this evening. I have worked hard to have open dialogue about bodies, bodily functions and body/emotional changes with my children but you took it to a whole new level.
Thank you for your honest words coupled with light, friendly tone. You really nailed the balance and I’m so grateful we were able to be a part of it." - Parent Rozelle Public School
"Culturally we didn’t talk about sex at all when I was growing up, so I did not know how and when to start and so tonight really helped our family. Thank you."
"Having ‘Amazing Me’ sex ed courses at our school made me and my friends feel weird at first, but I am now not as nervous as I know that sex education is important to know about.
"I was so impressed with the zoom last night. It was open honest had little giggle material and answered all the predicted questions and good props too."
"Where did you find her – she’s just SOOO good at what she does!!!"
"Rowena was so warm and natural and de-mystified puberty. She made the topic natural and has now made it so much easier to talk about these things at home. Thank you."
"It's so helpful to have a third party delivering all the information so that parents and kids can all get good information together. It creates a good dynamic."
"I even learned some things tonight as a parent! I feel like I have been equipped with great lines to keep talking with my kids about puberty."
"We all felt a bit nervous at the beginning but Rowena quickly made us feel more relaxed. I loved the way she got us to chat with our kids in the session – it started us talking in a really helpful way."
"The vice principal said at the end of the night, “I think we’ll get her back every year, that was really good. It’s really important for the parents and kids to do these things together."

"As a mother… talking about the facts of life can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you say? My son and I were nervous about the program but it has changed the way we talk about these subjects. It’s a normal part of life so we talk about it like it’s normal. I am so thankful I attended 'Amazing Me'."
"I will be forever grateful to 'Amazing Me'. This has made a difficult conversation with my children about sex much easier for my husband and I. Thank you Rowena."
"As a single dad of a 10 year old and 8-year old ‘Amazing Me’ sex education programs in schools exceeded my expectations. I was not at all confident and now I am as the conversation has already started."
"I was more nervous than my child but I came away from ‘Amazing Me’ encouraged to make the talk about sex an everyday conversation."
"'Amazing Me' was a great presentation with lots of facts and humour. I’m reasonably open with my 11-year-old son but you have filled in so many gaps – thanks."
"The ‘Amazing Me’ sex education program at our school was pitched at just the right level for my Year 5 child. To quote him ‘It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be."
"Rowena’s talk was funny, frank and factual. It has initiated conversations with our 10 year old boy about the facts of life and given him an appreciation of how amazing his body is. I would highly recommend Rowena and her 'Amazing Me' talks and regularly tell friends how great it was. They would like to hear her speak to their children too."
"The discussion is now well and truly open in our home. The questions have not stopped!! Thank you for such an amazing talk!!!"
"The talk was pitched at just the right level for my Year 5 child. To quote him "It was good and informative"."
"The talk is easy for the kids to understand. We really appreciate the school offering this service. Thank you."
"A great presentation with lots of facts and humour. I’m reasonably open with my 11-year-old son but you have filled in so many gaps – thanks."
"'Amazing Me' was truly amazing!! As a mother of a year-6 boy talking about the facts of life can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you say? My son and I were nervous about the program but it has changed the way we talk about these subjects. It’s a normal part of life so we talk about it like it's normal. I am so thankful I attended the night program."
"Rowena’s talk was funny, frank and factual. It has initiated conversations with our 10 year old boy about the facts of life and given him an appreciation of how amazing his body is. I would highly recommend Rowena and her talks and regularly tell friends how great it was. They would like to hear her speak to their children too."
"I have been dreading talking to my son about 'the facts of life’ but not anymore. Rowena made it so easy and I have not stopped talking to him about puberty ever since. It’s been priceless!"

Fellow Sex Educators About the Online Program

"As both a parent and a sex educator, my kids hear about puberty all the time. But despite the open conversations we have, I have a 12 year old who refuses to read a puberty book with me, and the books I have given him lie under his bed collecting dust!

So because he loves YouTube, I thought that videos might be a better way to start talking. At first he refused to watch the course with me, so I sweetened the deal with his favourite takeaway dinner. Which meant I had a reluctant participant but at least he was willing to sit down in front of my computer with me! Much to my surprise that quickly changed. The short and engaging videos and frequent activities meant that we had things to do and he could laugh and move around.

Rowena's gentle approach and caring personality made a potentially awkward topic feel comfortable.

So as a parent, this is a great way to comfortably start talking to your child about puberty. As a sex educator, the information is accurate, age-appropriate and relevant for preparing a child for puberty."

Cath Hakanson, Author of 'The Parents' Guide to Puberty' and Founder of Sex Ed Rescue

Parents About the Online Program

This comprehensive guide to puberty is an excellent way to connect with your child as well as educating them about puberty. Michelle and Darren - Parent
We sat down and watched ‘What’s The Big Deal About Puberty’ as a family with our 2 kids aged 10 and 12. Immediately we relaxed as we listened to Rowena explain bodies and puberty in laid back but factual way. The kids both liked the accompanying activities and we liked that we were able to talk about our experiences during puberty with them. Sonya - Parent
Our kids don’t really ask many questions so I was really concerned that we had not had many conversations about puberty so I purchased the course. I liked that it normalised puberty, yet celebrated everyone’s uniqueness. Tracy - Parent
I heard Rowena speak at my son’s school and I wanted to rehash the information so I bought the course. My son really likes watching it. I feel that when puberty begins he will be more prepared for it. Liam - Parent
Wow so much helpful and practical information - thank you Amazing Me. Jonny - Parent
As a teacher we have had Amazing Me at our school for 5 years so I purchased the course for my daughter as she goes to a school where puberty is not discussed. I highly recommend this course. Sarah - Teacher and Parent
I love the way that this course normalises and naturally talks about every part of puberty and includes everyone. The cartoons are fun and engaging. What a wonderful way to start essential conversations with your kids.
Peter and Bill - Parents
More than ever, we need to be askable parents and empower our kids. This online course will help you do just that! I love that it is a course that you can stop and start over and over again. Daisy and Sam - Parents
Gee, I wish that I had this online course when my son was growing up!! It was practical, colourful, easy to watch, age appropriate and fun!! Sunny - Parent
My child has enjoyed watching the short videos over and over again. It has give her confidence and the vocabulary to identify and talk with me about puberty. Thank you. Sherree - Parent
As a parent I can't thank you enough for your Amazing Me programs. I have been to 3 over the years and you are relevant, educational and non-judgemental. It has really supported me as a single mum to communicate with my children. - Parent
As a parent I can't thank you enough for your Amazing Me programs. I have been to 3 over the years and you are relevant, educational and non-judgemental. It has really supported me as a single mum to communicate with my children. Sue - Parent
To tell you the truth I had to bribe my daughter to do this course but I am so glad that I did.It has made it easier to talk about sex. Ben - Parent
As a parent growing up in a culturally conservative family, I knew that talking with my child was important but I still felt apprehensive. I would like to thank you because you have helped me and my wife to know what to say. Trish and Amit - Parents
I thought that this course was relevant, factual and fun. Jacob and Clyde - Parents
This was a factual course and a great introduction for families to talk about sex in an open way. Graham - Parent
This course has changed the relationship that I have with my child.He now know that he can come to me at anytime and ask me anything about sex. No question is off limits in our house and for that I am grateful. Samantha - Parent
I found the course very educational and the way Rowena explained each concept was age-appropriate, the images were fun and the content helpful. Josh - Parent
"I loved watching and being a part of this course with my son. Puberty has already started in our household, so I wish that we had watched it earlier." - Ben
"It took a while to convince my child to watch this course but I am so happy that we did. She started going through puberty at 8 and even though it’s 3 years later it was still helpful and most importantly normalised the conversation." - Rebecca
"My son is far from puberty starting but I wanted him to understand what is happening to those around him and also that he is normal I was a late bloomer myself and as a result it made me insecure, and I don’t want him to feel the same way." - Toby
"I thought that the course was worth my money in gold." - Sarah
"You can tell Rowena from ‘Amazing Me’ knows what she is talking about. Her relaxed, friendly style makes it fun but also relatable and educational for everyone." - Beth and Morgan
"Even though parts of ‘Amazing Me’ lessons at our school were gross I learnt a lot.”
"My daughter refused to do this course with me, but she said that she learnt a lot watching it on her own. Since then, we have started talking about puberty, so I am grateful. Maybe one day we will do it together." - Danny

Kids About the Online Program

"The course was actually fun. I had not talked to my mum and dad about their experiences either so we laughed a lot but in a good way." - Ava (aged 10)
"I liked the course. My family don’t talk about this stuff so it was awkward but good." - Ethan (aged 11)
"I was excited and curious about watching this course and I learnt a lot." - Tabby (aged 9)
"We talk about this stuff already, but I did learn about how my voice breaks." - Sam (aged 11)
"I sat down for 2 hours with my parents and did this course. I thought that it would be torture but I quite liked it, and I liked how there were also helpful tips about how to cope." - Charlie (aged 12)