A Kid's Guide to Bodies and Babies

This interactive course is about our bodies, how babies are made and more. It is ideal for both parents/carers to do together with their pre-teens but can also be completed by a child on their own. There are two separate courses for children aged 7-9 years or 9-12 years.

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Two separate online courses for pre-teens and their parents/carers aged:
7-9  years or 9-12 years

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This online course is about bodies, body safety, reproduction, birth and more

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Takes approximately 1 hour with 12 short videos and includes an activity book

Why You Need This Course

This online course will help to empower you and your child to have open, ongoing and positive conversations together in the comfort of your own home about topics that are not always easy to talk about so that your child comes to you when they have questions.

It’s fun, age-appropriate and educational. It will not only help everyone understand our bodies particularly our genitals but also sex, reproduction and birth and how amazing we are as humans.

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To tell you the truth I had to bribe my daughter to do this course but I am so glad that I did. It has made it easier to talk about sex.
- Ben

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We knew that we needed to chat with our kids but we didn’t know where to start. One of them asks lots of questions. This course was great because it supported us and gave us an opportunity to speak into the lives of our kids in a positive way and include our faith and values.
- Ava and Mike

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Our amazing bodies and being safe.

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Reproduction and birth including IVF.

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Life inside the uterus and birth.

More Testimonials

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This course has changed the relationship that I have with my child. He now knows that he can come to me at any time and ask me anything about sex. No question is off limits in our house and for that I am grateful.
- Samantha

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I found this course very educational and the way Rowena explained each concept was age-appropriate, the images were fun and the content helpful.
- Josh

Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
What’s the difference between the courses?
The course for 9-12 year olds includes contraception and more detail. It’s approximately 15 minutes more than the 7-9 year old course. If you have children in both age groups, purchase the 9-12 year old course. 

Question 4:
Can you return the course?
No, unfortunately you cannot return the course once purchased.

Question 2:
Does this course include both IVF and sexual intercourse?
Yes, it does but it is said in an age-appropriate way.

Question 5:
Does the course expire?
No, it doesn’t once purchased.

Question 3:
Are there naked pictures?
There are cartoon images of genitals that are age-appropriate which explain the correct names of genitals with a child protection focus.

Question 6:
What if my child does not have any questions or refuses to do the course with me?
They can easily do it on their own but remind them that you are there for any questions.

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